Woman of Seiken Shore

    This game is so either you know the language and love whatever story it has or just love elementary gameplay with hot red-haired who turns out to be the prisoner of some fantasy basement. Since it was stated the gameplay is really elementary. You may select one of contraptions right (they're represented with images ) and utilize them someplace with this ginger-haired sweetheart's figure. The contraption on the early part o fthe game will be the palm because using it you can not only touch this chained up damsel in interesting places but also to rip off her clothes lump by lump! And seems as if you'll ably to utilize the dick contraption just when she is going to be nude. Likely there'll be a few rules about how you are able to use contraptions or when but this is something that you will have to find out yourself during the gameplay.
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  • Added: 2018-07-10
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